Tuesday, November 10, 2009


A fizzle... Rain, some wind. Storm just made landfall... Here is link to NOAA

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Bothwell said...

I don't think I agree with you on this, for a number of reasons. Not because I am soft or liberal, and certainly not because I am pc (lower case intentional). Rather, because I think this is something we have to devote serious thought to. Firstly, there are THIRTEEN more families that get to cope with a Holiday season (not to mention the rest of their lives) without a loved one. And let us not ever forget the THIRTY wounded. THIRTY more dead if he had had his wish fulfilled. And THIRTY more families in pain. For what? Thanks again to a "system of belief" that had NOT ONE FUCKING THING to do with the founding or success of this country, ANYTHING this country stands for, the sacrifices the AMERICAN people made for the sake of the whole World, or anything remotely related to Getting Along Together, working through differences, or even "Peaceful Dialog." Secondly, yet ANOTHER attack. Thirdly, the so-called "sensitivity to other religions, beliefs, lifestyles, etc." CRAP. Ever notice how the "people" whining about "sensitivity" are some of the most BIGOTED shitstains on the planet? Do as I say, not as I do. Now, for my answer, I think this "suspected assailant" should suffer the same level of pain that he has inflicted on FORTY THREE families. I mean, we all want to be FAIR, no? Therefore, make this person receive the same level of pain that they caused. Mind you, we all know that we can NEVER make this person feel the level of pain that they caused. However, we can certainly TRY. I admit that this will NEVER heal the pain or bring back the lost lives or abilities of the wounded, but, perhaps, it just MIGHT deter the next PSYCHOTIC FUCKHEAD that thinks that causing INNOCENT people pain is a "proper way of expressing their so-called religious beliefs." (DC sniper anyone?) Now, if I were to be in charge of the meting out of "PROPER JUSTICE" in this case, I would have no other option but to fall back on MY "system of belief." Which means that I am inherently somewhat peaceful (STOP laughing Brad!),but when you intentionally step on my foot or spit in my face, I determine my level of response, NOT you. I think we should apply this level of thought to this case and to ALL further cases involving members of a "system of belief" that advocates Intimidation, Terror, and outright MURDER and SLAUGHTER as a way of accomplishing business. Just as a closing remark, and not related to ther above, all this bit about Obama receiving the nobel prize. NEVER forget that THEY also gave the "nobel peace prize" to arafat. The man behind the slaughter of innocent athletes in München in 1972. I certainly will never forget. I was in München in 1972.