Saturday, March 29, 2008

Can't Catch a Break

There is an old saying that if it weren't for back luck, some would have no luck at all. Well, that's the way Ryan feels right now... After finally getting full medical clearance, Ryan was back out on the diamond and getting some regular playing time. Big tournament this past week. Unfortunately, Thursday night is going to be his last game for at least a couple weeks. After beating out a shot to the hole at deep SS, he rolled his left ankle... bad... Swelled immediately. Trainer had ice on him almost as fast. Stayed for the rest of the game and we went home. After getting home and taking the ice off, Jeong Ah almost fainted at the site. So... off to the ER we go... Right to X-Ray which were negative... wait 2 1/2 hrs for doc to tell us "He's got a real good ole fashioned hard sprain...." "Stay off for a couple days and here's some crutches." Last night was the championship game and you could just see it in his eyes how badly he wanted to be on the field. At the end of the game (we won, of course), as the teams lined up to shake hands, Ryan gimps on to the field. In a show of sportsmanship I haven't seen in a long time, the opposing team made their way to Ryan so he didn't have to go all the way to the mound. Parents of both teams clapped and cheered. Anyway... Crestview is now 16-3. As a team they are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) for Gainsville to watch UF play LSU. From there, they will travel to Atlanta for the Braves home opener. How cool is that?? Jeong Ah woke up early this morning and made some phone calls. She and Ryan are now on their way to an acupuncturist. We'll see.

Here is a pic of the treatment... Yes, those are needles...

Friday, March 7, 2008


Alrighty then.... check out local HS baseball info here. Of course, we are Crestview fans! Quick info... team is now 9-1. First place in one of the most difficult districts in the state. Ryan slowly getting back into the game. Shoulder still bothering him at the plate, but not in the field. Finally able to see some game time. Down the stretch, this could be really interesting... Anyway, here is a pic...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March On

Short and sweet.
All is good.
Getting warm(er).