Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some pics from the season

We got these pics from the school photographer at the baseball banquet. He has several more that we'll get later...
Takin a walk

1st to 3rd

Touching Home

2 X the Fun

Because of the damage, Dr Hollis is going to do two surgeries. The first one will be arthroscopic to the inner side of his foot and the second will be a full cut on the outer side. Why two? She wants to go in and repair the bones and tendons and then follow up with the ligaments. We have one date set... June 24th. If she can shift her schedule on June 10th, that will be the first. If not, then the 24th will be the first and the second will be two weeks later. This combined with a couple other things going on around here has got us all stressing.... ;-]
More later

Thursday, May 8, 2008

English Please

Head still spinning from all the Latin and medical speak. Tendons --- torn... Ligaments --- torn... Bones --- fractured. Lots of confused orthopedic doctors/surgeons. Air Force surgeons sent us out to sports ortho... Neither had seen the combination of damage in an ankle before... Doc today said that it looks as if it was mashed... from the inside. Awaiting surgery date.